Contributor's Hall of Fame

Ultimately, this collection of tips, tricks and techniques has been brought to us by
Dr. Victor L. Frank D.C. whose extensive knowledge and insight has made this work possible.

However, the following practitioners (listed alphabetically) have had the foresight to record these nuggets for us. This in turn does two things:

1, It allows this information to be spread to a much wider audience, and

2, By disseminating this valuable material it allows for a far greater healing effect to be experienced by the whole of mankind.

I am certain that without all of those that have made this additional input, the world would be a much sicker place!

Additional Contributors


Dr. Steffan H. Abel D.C.

Claudia Anders N.D.

Paul Bannerman

Dr. Brian Bateman D.C.

Dr. Enrique Benozillo D.C.

Dr. Lorann-Marie Blaine N.D.

Dr. Randall J. Frank, N.M.D.

Dr. Victor L. Frank D.C.

Peggy Herzog

Dr. Kevin Millet D.C.

Dr. Jacqueline Paltis D.C.

Dr. Randall Robirds D.C.