Let me offer you the chance to grab a piece of TBM history and download one of the biggest collections of rare TBM insights ever collected in one place!

But first let me explain who I am and how this came about…

My name is Dr. Steffan H. Abel D.C. and I have been involved with Total Body Modification (T.B.M.) for over 14 years now. During that time I have attended 55 individual modules, become one of its instructors and have been awarded its International Service Award.

I realise that 14 years is quite a long time to have been involved with anything these days, but despite this I am by no means one of the practitioners with the longest involvement with Dr. Victor L. Frank. Some of the other practitioners had been around him for twenty if not thirty years!

I do have one great advantage over the majority of these other people, however…

When Victor spoke I listened.

Not only that, when Victor spoke I made notes.

These notes are what you are reading today!

These “titbits” are all the gems that Dr. Frank has taught at one time or another. Each seminar that he has run has been different (even if only to the smallest degree) because every time someone has asked an individualised question he has given them a succinct, specific answer.

Victor always said that if you asked him the right question he would give you an answer, and these are the answers!
When I first showed Victor this collection, he actually said, “This is fantastic stuff – I never knew I was this brilliant! We need to make this available to the group so that everyone can benefit.”

So that’s how this collection started – and it is building all the time!

Wherever possible I have tried to group the information together so that similar pieces of information are grouped together, but because of the individualised nature of each answer this hasn’t always been possible. As you will have noticed from the list of contents this work encompasses material ranging from the circulatory system, the nervous system to postural analysis and emotional corrections!

Regardless of that, you will find that each of these answers (and at last count there were over 250!) is a classic gem, a nugget of priceless information that I have used time and time again in my practice, and I hope you will in yours. Over 95 % of the material I can guarantee will be new to you and has never been incorporated into any of the training manuals – and the rest of the material is now either no longer included (because of space limitations) or a reminder of important things you should not forget (like Wilson's Syndrome or the Triad of Fertility).

This will be an ever expanding reference book of knowledge and I feel will enhance the information that you have already accumulated and mastered from the modules you have already taken immeasurably.

As I have alluded to above, this is a work in progress. As new ideas and techniques are remembered and or / discovered they will be documented in this ever growing downloadable dossier - it is therefore important that you refer back to this from time to time as it will be constantly evolving. Also, if you have any information that has been passed on to you by Victor let me know about it - that way we can add it to the book and you will be credited on the contributors page for your contribution for posterity!

I cannot recommend strongly enough the contents of this addition to your armamentarium but I do feel that the price is too low! For you to have attended the individual modules from which this information has been gathered it would have cost you over $20,000 - and at just a penny on the dollar you are getting all the information in one concise location (without travel or hotel expenses)!

It is for this reason that we are considering raising the cost from $150 after the initial introductory period to a more sensible amount. Victor always said that we should be charging a lot more for it so I may have to raise the price to honour his wishes - but for now it will remain at this ridiculous amount. BUT, I would urge you to get in now - at ground level (whilst the going is good) - and get this manual plus all the additional updates (at no extra charge) for the lowest cost possible.

I want this book to grow and flourish as a legacy to Victor - and it already stands at 70 plus pages! Therefore even if you don't want to buy it, send me your information so that I can add it for future posterity and not only keep his technique alive but also helping as many people as it can!

What follows is a breakdown of the chapter headings so that you can see for yourselves the areas that are covered in this manual and the diversity of material included. 


(and this is just a partial breakdown)

Aches and Pains – including treatments for neck pain, phantom limb pain, scars and gout.

Energy – includes how to make yourself less energetically visible, how to prevent nightmares in children, treatment for those patients constantly tired and those suffering narcolepsy.

Emotional – another 6 emotional techniques and treatments for sterility due incompatibility, vaginal dryness (a very common problem and a very important technique that you teach your patients to do that has tremendous results) and the relationship between emotions and organ involvement.

Degeneration / Regeneration  - the Terminal Point is included and how to determine if the patient has encapsulated degenerative disease. How to rebuild tissues (including regeneration and degeneration) and how to reboot, reset and rerun the human computer.

Circulation – peripheral circulation, blood poisoning, spider naevi and Streptococcal heart problems.

Water Problems – bound water, psoriasis and a treatment for kidney infections that lets you drink coffee and cream!

Minerals, Vitamins, Sugar and Food – toxic sugar problems, emotional sugar problems, awareness and sugar problems ( a treatment that will eliminate a lot of the minor fluctuations in your patients daily sugar control). Also included is information on BI, B2, Niacin and Niacinamide.

Allergies – another allergy correction!

Hormonal Problems – a recap on RT3 and also information on double uteruses (which can be quite common in female patients).

Brain and Higher Functions  a treatment includes information on the brain test point, seeing auras and increasing your psychic ability.

Breast Augmentation Technique - this technique has a dramatic effect on breast development

Eyes, Ears and other Senses – eye damage, cataracts, lacrimal gland test and correction and macular degeneration. Plus treatments for tinnitus and laryngitis.

Flu and Respiratory Problems – included are another 6 flus (and these are important) plus the alveoli test point and oxygen utilisation.

Walking and Postural Analysis – for those of you that like to treat the physical body more often (and what Chiropractor or manual therapist doesn't?) this section contains a list of over 40 muscles and their effect on patient's posture.

Points to Ponder – includes 6 books recommended by Dr. Victor Frank for your reading list!

“Bits and Bobs” - includes information on migraines, knee mobilisation, the prostate, mosquitoes, body fat (plus it's treatment) and much, much more

Updated 21st August 2011